Molino Merano was founded in 1985, but its story began 600 years ago, – when the von Berg family started to produce flour varieties in the Bavarian town of Ansbach, Germany.
Today, Molino Merano is still a family business that continues to blend an ancient passion for milling with the principles of modern production processes: careful selection of raw materials, advanced technological systems, thorough checks at each stage of the process, utmost attention to customer needs. Initially, small and great Italian bread makers, but not only. Now, also the end users of the flour products, in all their varieties.

Molino Merano can indeed offer a wide range of flours, organic flours, gluten free flours, semi-finished products, semi-finished organic products, gluten free semi-finished products and even – quite obviously - cereals.

One of Molino Merano's strengths: being a real “cereal expert” that is always looking for new products to offer, amongst which ancient grains such as Triticum Dicoccum (medium spelt), the more renowned quinoa or the little known (and exotic) sorghum and teff–, without forgetting - of course - wheat, rye, khorasan Kamut® wheat, barley, oat, millet, buckwheat, corn, rice, etc.

Another one of Molino Merano's strength is the ability to create new products, to offer unusual blends and to be innovative in the – flour – industry, which has not been very ingenious since ancient times.

It is also for this reason that our signature is
"We grind great ideas".


Once upon a time.
The Pobitzer mill existed for centuries in the historic center of Merano.
It was transferred to Lana in the 80s, where it was taken over by the von Berg family.


The Molino Merano brand started by producing a small flour assortment.


The company is BIO certified.
A mill was built to grind rye flour.


Molino Merano acquires Molino Tamanini, a company from the Trento region specialized in flours for bread making.


Expansion of the production line thanks to a new flour mixer.


Acquisition of the IFS certification - International Featured Standards Food (IFS), which imposes rigorous hygiene, food safety, production transparency and traceability requirements.


Creation of a bakery-lab within the company to develop new products and to ensure absolute quality.


A part of the Mill is working with solar energy (150kW).


A new system for the grinding of special wholegrain flour was implemented.


Acquisition of the Kosher certification.


Molino Merano has finally become a brand for end customers.
Creation of a new mill. Now there are three, one of which is exclusively dedicated to organic products.
A new line of blends for semi-finished products.
A new line of palletization.
The construction of a bigger and even more efficient lab.
Acquisition of a new packaging system for the packages of end consumers.
Modified atmosphere packaging to ensure the utmost product safety.