Coeliac disease, as all food intolerances, are becoming an important issue. In Italy, it is estimated that intolerance to gluten, a protein complex present in most cereals, affects 1 individual out of 100.
Dietary Food Solutions was founded in 2011 to provide better gluten and allergen free semi-finished products for the branch of bread making that specialized in gluten free goods. The raw materials, purchased form certified companies, are processed in Lana, in a section entirely isolated from the other production lines and equipped with its own production lines and silos.
The DFS labs continuously develop new recipes and blends to create breads, pies and cookies that can be customized to the specific needs of each customer.
The owners of Dietary Food Solutions are Georg Pircher and Rudolf von Berg. The latter is also the owner of Molino Merano.
The partnership between these two companies has allowed Molino Merano to expand its specific range of “gluten free” products.