REGIOGRANO. Tastes of South Tyrol.

The Regiograno/Regiokorn project, founded in 2011 and co-funded by the Social European Fund, mainly aimes to give new life to the cultivation of grains in South Tyrol by creating a close network of farmers, millers and bread makers.
Regiograno is a cereal product that is strictly processed in South Tyrol. Currently, the rye and spelt are cultivated in Val Venosta, Val Pusteria and Valle d'Isarco.

The 60 farmers who adhered to the "Regiograno” project cultivate rye and spelt over a 85-hectare area.

In 2018, with the support of the Seed Producers Cooperative of Val Pusteria and of Maschinenring Südtirol, about 308 tons of high quality Regiograno cereals, of which 82% rye, 17% spelt and 1% barley, were collected. A part is bio certified.
The grains, subject to strict tests to ensure quality and purity, are processed at Molino Merano and transformed in typical South Tyrolean specialties by the 40 bread makers involved in the project.

The bread and baked specialties made with the grains of the Regiograno Project are also marked with the “South Tyrolean Quality Marking” and do not thus contain any chemical additives, flavor enhancers and preservatives.

The implementation and success of Regiograno were made possible thanks to the help of various businesses.
Initially, the project was managed by TIS Innovation Park (today IDM), in partnership with the Farmers Union, the consultancy circle for mountain farming BRING and Laimburg Research Center. In the following years, the South Tyrolean Commerce and Tourism Union (HDS) and the IDM Südtirol joined the group.