Having roots, taking care of them, cultivating them. First of all, this value reflects the story of the von Berg family, which has been nestled in the world of flour and bread making for over 600 years. However, it also speaks of our company's settlement in the Alto Adige region.


We select grains, we make flour. We, at Molino Merano, are real people with their feet on the ground. Our simplicity keeps us away from artificiality and feeds our passion for authenticity, which is at the basis of all our decisions.


Cereals are amongst the oldest foods in the world. They are one of nature's best products, one which has always been present in the history of men. Molino Merano always works with great respect and with the help of technology to ensure maximum food hygiene and safety to our customers.


Searching for the most ancient and unusual grains. Rediscovering the nutritional qualities and how they can be used in our modern diets. This certainly is one of the most beautiful parts of our work. The one that makes Molino Merano stand out from all other brands.


The reinterpretation of traditions thanks to innovation. However, this alone is not enough. At Molino Merano, we constantly strive to test new grain combinations: unusual blends that can satisfy contemporary tastes and needs.


This is why our products must stand out for their quality and be able to keep their “promise”. But it's also the reason why we work the way we do: the devotion we dedicate to every single element allows us to look at our customers straight in the eyes.


From the selection of the raw materials to their storage, from the way they are processed to how they are packaged. Attention animates our work because we do not want to betray the trust of our customers, but also simply because we like to do our job well.


Being close to customers means going beyond interpreting their needs by becoming real consultants, – especially for bread makers, – to allow us to provide concrete solutions as promptly as possible.


We are a serious and reliable brand, but also strive to be a friendly one. After all, bread is synonymous with food, sharing and joy. It's a pleasure that brings us together.


Our products cannot work miracles. However, they can help our customers in their quest for a healthier, more complete and tasty diet. Molino Merano always has their welfare in mind and grinds great ideas – every day. –