Semi-finished products for pastry with lievito madre


Semi-finished product with active mother leaven. Ideal for making tasty croissant. The active mother leaven will confer truly unique flavours and fragrances to your creations.

USE:Ideal for naturally leavened croissant, braids, etc. The fermentation cycle is achieved without having to add yeast.
  • Art. 615715 kg

Basic recipe:

1,000 g Briosa
420 g lukewarm water
100 g eggs
50 g butter or margarine
1,570 g Total

400 g butter or margarine for laminating

Mix all of the ingredients until a dry and smooth blend is achieved. Dough temperature of 27°C. Preserve everything in the fridge (+5°C) for 12-16 hours until the dough is twice its initial size. Fold two double turn with 400 g of butter or margarine for croissants. Mould the croissants and let them leaven or place them in the fridge. The proofing temperature of the butter croissants must not exceed 23-24°C. Decorate, finish and bake them as you are accustomed to. Careful, if the dough doesn't double in size, raise its temperature or that of the fridge
The recipe must be adapted to the technique and tools used.